New to MIS?

Are you new to MIS and would like to find out more? If so why not start on this page and let us guide you through, explaining our educational philosophy so you can figure out if MIS is where you would like to send your child for their primary and secondary school education. If you want to cut to the chase, please download our school brochure.

We believe that there are advantages for that our school can offer over more traditional schools.

You can also found out more about ‘how & what’ we teach at MIS.

We believe that we are innovating at MIS, why not have a look at what we are doing and our explanations as to why we think these are novel?

We also have a blog in which we ‘muse’ over educational issues.

We are a small, private, family-styled primary and secondary school based in the heart of Suva in the Fiji Islands. We were originally founded in 2008.

The school's basis for the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment is on established and proven scientific research on how best to teach our children in a way that is relevant to the 21st century. The theoretical foundation of our schools is the same as that used by Montessori and Waldorf-Steiner schools.

If you are you interested in:

  • Small class sizes (15 or less in each class).
  • A pace of learning that goes according to your child's natural learning style.
  • An integrated curriculum – maths doesn't just stay in the maths class.
  • Progressive assessments – a focus on real world activities.
  • A green school teaching social & environmental responsibilities.
  • Equipping children to thrive, not just survive as adults.

If the answer is 'yes' to any of these then the Multiple Intelligence School is the school for your child

Our school is multi-cultural & multi-denominational. Our approach in terms of teaching style, is to instil in children an understanding of the worth of education. 

We do this by emphasising experiential, collaborative as well as structured individual learning programmes. We acknowledge that children are unique individuals and not factory pressed from the same mould. We understand that more often than not, letting children go at their natural pace, is often a 'quicker' route than trying to press them forward in a strict uniformed march.

Ministry of Education registration number (if you're interested) is SF: 8239.          Contact Us